Measure your connection speed

3 reasons to run our Speed Test often:

  1. To know if you're getting the speed you need and paying for it.
  2. Our tool uses 2 servers in Greece in Athens and Thessaloniki for accurate measurements!
  3. SpeedTest was created for one purpose only and not to promote third party services.

Descent Rate Measurement (Download)

Download is the speed at which we can download files such as movies, music, online streaming etc. from the internet. In Greece, usually home internet connections are 50vdsl and slowly the speed of 100Mbps is starting to gain ground.

Upload speed (Upload)

Upload is the speed at which we can send files. Don't forget that even for browsing the internet, sending packets is necessary. Even the upload speed plays an important role. A well-known service for sending large files is WeTransfer.

Response (Ping - Latency)

The ping is how instantly responsive the internet connection is, and in SpeedTest of course. The lower the number, the better. The unit of measurement is ms (millisecond), which is fractions of a second. If you notice that all pages on the internet take a while to open at the beginning, it is very likely that the high ping is to blame, if not the medium you are using (slow computer, mobile phone, etc). A reasonable number in Greece is considered anything below 50ms, run SpeedTest and you will find out.

For Online Gamers (depending on the game), the ideal number is definitely under 30ms. If your line is "good" it's possible to get under 15ms, always speaking for Greek data. Run the SpeedTest measurement tool and find out your ping.