MSFE: Disabled! - you have either installed clamavconnector by mistake or incorrectly installed ClamAV

If clamavconnector is installed, uninstall it via WHM. If clamavconnector is not installed, try the following to completely remove any installs of clamav and reinstall the correct one:

killall clamd

rpm -e clamav-db clamd clamav clamav-devel

/bin/rm -Rfv /usr/bin/clam*
/bin/rm -Rfv /usr/sbin/clam*
/bin/rm -Rfv /usr/lib/libclam*
/bin/rm -Rfv /usr/share/clam*
/bin/rm -Rfv /usr/include/clam*
/bin/rm -Rfv /usr/bin/freshclam*
/bin/rm -Rfv /usr/etc/clamav*

/bin/rm -Rfv /usr/local/bin/clam*
/bin/rm -Rfv /usr/local/sbin/clam*
/bin/rm -Rfv /usr/local/lib/libclam*
/bin/rm -Rfv /usr/local/share/clam*
/bin/rm -Rfv /usr/local/include/clam*
/bin/rm -Rfv /usr/local/bin/freshclam*
/bin/rm -Rfv /usr/local/etc/clamav*

useradd clamav
groupadd clamav
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