Fully Managed Servers via cPanel & WHM

Up till now, a lot of people still ask whether or not they need a firewall set up for their machines and servers. The answer is a yes, you definitely need a firewall put up to protect your assets. Failure to install this type of protection for your servers, whether they are VPS or dedicated, will leave your valuables open to malicious files and programs, dangerous traffic, and even attacks.


In many cases, users who purchase VPS or dedicated servers do not know they have spent money not only on a web hosting account, but a server as well. Although this, in itself, is not something they should worry about, they still need to understand the requirements for proper server management and security.


Fully Managed Servers via cPanel & WHM


Upon purchasing a fully manager server integrated with cPanel & WHM, your chosen web hosting company will take care of the firewall installation. Your host will also do the patch and upgrade installation for you.


Many web hosting service providers use cPanel and WHM, since this Linux-based control panel and platform comes with numerous benefits. A powerful, robust, and proven control panel, it keeps all servers secured and automatically updated, two things necessary to prevent malware and other online dangers.


Overview of Firewall Benefits


Just think about it: with the Internet packed full of websites and users, you are not 100 per cent sure which ones are legitimate and which ones will cause you as well as your websites, machines, and servers trouble. Without a firewall to provide you and your assets with protection, you are vulnerable to threats and attacks. These dangers will leave a trail of losses in their wake.


With a firewall as strong and reliable as ConfigServer, you can enjoy the following benefits:


  1. Prevent DoS attacks
  2. Detect intrusion and other malicious content, traffic, and programs
  3. Block bad IP addresses from gaining access to your server
  4. Have full control and management of the traffic entering and exiting your websites


Why Choose ConfigServer Firewall


ConfigServer Firewall, known and referred to simply by most cPanel and WHM users as CSF, is one of the best, most effective firewall configuration scripts in the market today. Designed to considerably increase server security, having this in place will allow you to use a robust interface to manage firewall features and settings. It delivers easy-to-understand processes for managing and configuring firewalls.


In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, ConfigServe Firewall also features Login Failure Daemon (LFD), a service tasked to watch over user activity for potential login failures, particularly same failures that occur repetitively and right after each other. Excessive login failures commonly take place prior to brute force attacks, which can dramatically damage a website, server, or machine.


Once LFD detects this from the same IP address, the tool will automatically block it temporarily from all server services. Although the blocks will expire automatically, you can remove them manually through WHM’s ConfigServer interface.


You can also create a whitelist or blacklist for certain IP addresses in the firewall. You can enter IP addresses you know and give authorization to in the whitelist, while those you would like to block will go into the blacklist.

Friday, June 10, 2016

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