ConfigServer eXploit Scanner (cxs)


  clamav scan

clamav scan mkdir /tmp/virus clamscan -ri --move=/tmp/virus /home/ When started...

 LibClamAV Warning: cli_scanbzip: bzip2 support not compiled in

Assume that you install clamAV from source and not from cpanel installed and you receive errors...

 MSFE: Disabled! - you have either installed clamavconnector by mistake or incorrectly installed ClamAV

If clamavconnector is installed, uninstall it via WHM. If clamavconnector is not installed, try...

 maldet installation

 maldet scan for spesific user

maldet scan for spesific user maldet --scan-all /home?/USER/public_html

 phpshells check

phpshells check Code: freshclam; clamscan -ir /home/*/public_html/* | tee...

 view mail logs

view mail logs in order to view your mailogs tail -f /var/log/maillog tail -f...